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Chromagen Lens for Color Blindness Magenta Volledige grootte weergeven

Chromagen Lens for Color Blindness Magenta

Chromagen Contact Lens voor kleurblindheid, Magenta (Red) kleur.<br>
1 lens in klein flesje. Voor 1 jaar gebruik.<br>
Bell voor meer info: 0653-160118.<br>

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175,00 €

Voor GRATIS Kleurenblindheid Ishihara Test ga naar:<br><br>

Chromagen red contact lens, with this lens a color blind person will see the colors as the non-color blind can see. As well the Ishihara Plates used in the Color Blindness Test.<br> 
Contact lens for color blindness, €175 per lens .<br>

Solve your color blindness (Color Deficiency) problem with our Chromagen Lens.<br>
With this contact lens you can pass the Ishihara Test of color blindness for your job.<br>
We also supply the Ishihara Book for color test.<br>

Good for Ishihara Test, Farnsworth and the Lantern Color Vision tests in Employment Test.

Kijk hier via youtube:

To do FREE Ishihara test, color blindness test, online and see the results of using our Chromagen lenses go to: .<br>

We supply those lenses worldwide, as contact lenses and also as glasses to wear.<br>
Price per lens is now 175 Euro.
Worldwide shipping by Registered Post is 25 Euro.<br>

Please contact us at any time:<br>
Tel: +31-653-160118<br>
E-Mail us to<br>

to read more about our lenses go to:<br>

We did help many people worldwide with those lenses, you can profit as well from the advantage of the Chromagen Lenses.<br><br>
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